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Each one of our products is safe, affordable, and accessible to you and your home ó and best of all, they perform better than those store-bought chemfests. We are a company that stands for honesty, integrity, and transparency. We donít believe in compromise, so weíve taken a stance against potentially harmful ingredients: no PEGS, SLS, Phthalates, and no Parabens. Add about 750 more for a total of about 3000 other nasty ingredients we avoid and youíll understand our fanaticism. Our formulas are pure, reliable and high-performing. Itís in our roots; itís ingrained in who we are.



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Unemployed and under-employed college graduates deserve TAX BREAKE !

They made an investment involving real money and should be treated on equal footing with market investors and with homeowners.
Vote your support at:


Please sign and spread the word around among your family, friends and everybody else.
Unless this petition acquires enough signatures, nothing will change and there will not be any easing for graduates burdened with student loans.